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Kelsey's Dog House


Kelsey's Dog House

339 Buckhead Ave. Atlanta, GA 30305





Your Boarding Questions Answered

    Why do you only offer boarding to dogs weighing 35 pounds or less? The short answer is space. Ours is a comfortable house tailored to small and medium-sized dogs. Thirty-five pounds is our objective limit.

    Do you place dogs in crates overnight? Generally not. Our overnight arrangment mirrors our daytime practice. If your dog normally sleeps in a crate, we will provide a crate for your dog's stay with us. Otherwise, dogs sleep in open rooms on comfortable beds.

    May I bring my dog's own bedding? You may but we would prefer that you did not. In a group setting, other dogs may chew or soil your dog's bedding. We provide very comfortable dog beds for your dog's use and we recommend not bringing personal bedding unless you do not mind the wear and tear or possible destruction of that item.

    When will you feed my dog during boarding? We offer feeding three times a day: once in the morning, once mid-day, and once in the early evening. You may pick the time or times that most closely match your dog's own schedule.. We cannot leave food out all day for your dog as in a free-feeding situation. If we tried to leave your dog's food in the open, other dogs would almost certainly eat that food before your dog could touch it.

    My dog is on medication. Will you continue my dog's meds during boarding? Yes. There is no charge for this service. If your dog takes medication in a pill pocket or in wet dog food, please bring an adequate supply of pill pockets or food. If you prefer, we can make a small peanut butter and bread snack and bury the pill in the snack. We can also perform injections if necessary.

    Should I bring my dog's own food? We strongly recommend that you do. To avoid digestive complications from a sudden change in diet, it is best if your dog eats the food he is used to eating at home. We can provide your dog Nutro Healthy Choice Lamb and Rice dry kibble if you do not bring food. There is no extra charge for feeding, even if we use our house food. Be advised that if your dog rejects his own food, we may mix in a tablespoon of Nutro Healthy Choice canned food. We find that a tablespoon of moist food is usually enough to entice a picky eater without impacting his/her digestive system.

    Do you offer Sunday pick-up or drop-off for boarding? Yes. In fact, we are open on Sunday only for boarding pick-up and drop-off from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.